It's My Church and I Want to Go Home

Today I watched something in person I’d never seen before–the General Conference in session conducting business.

As a young person who had never before attended a General Conference session it was inspiring to see the church take action on items. So often young people complain that the church doesn’t respond to our concerns. While it’s true that the church’s mode of operating is much slower than young people are used to with today’s technology, the church can and does take action on issues. What was conspicuously absent was the involvement of young people. Only 6% of the delegates were under 30, while 45% of the church is under 30.

Why are young adults not involved? I’ve seen some on social media complaining that the young people in the church don’t care about the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the church. Others have complained that the young people in the church aren’t responsible enough to be entrusted with leadership.

It is true–many of the young people in the church don’t care and aren’t responsible. Of course I do know many Godly young men and women who care, but their number is far smaller than it should be.

As young people what can we do? How can we encourage our friends to get involved? The most important thing we can do is pray. Jesus can change apathetic hearts. That’s His specialty.

The next most important thing we can do is get involved. This is our church too. This is my church too. Let’s participate. Let’s attend our church business meetings–whether at our local church or the GC. Let’s let our friends know what’s happening and why they should care. Let’s get involved in the mission of the church. Let’s pray that God sends youth into his harvest field–the harvest is getting ripe! Let’s volunteer for things, and do with diligence the work that lies nearest.

People are right. Most of us are not involved like we should be. Let’s get involved–I want to go Home!


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