"No one becomes a Marine because it is easy"

“These missions are difficult and dangerous. But no one becomes a Marine because it’s easy.” —George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States


Their slogan is “First to Fight.” Their passion is to be the toughest fighters in the United States Armed Forces. They have fought bravely in every major war the United States has been involved in. They were toughing it in the jungles of the Pacific during the horrible fighting of World War II. During Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, these warriors have taken their values and ideals into every fight. Many have died. Many were wounded. They were Marines.

Interestingly, the Marines are an all-volunteer fighting force. No one makes these men and women sign up for these dangerous assignments. No one makes them go to a place where there are people whose sole goal in life is to end theirs. They sign up voluntarily. They know it will be hard. They know it will be bloody. But they believe in their mission and their commanders. “…no one becomes a Marine because it’s easy.”

I am not a Marine, nor will I ever be one.

I am a Christian.

Our goal and aim in life is following our Master. Our passion is to be 100% committed to Him and His Mission. Christians before us have preached the Gospel to the whole then-known world. From Stephen to those ministering undercover in lands hostile to the gospel, Christians have gone where Christ led. We strive to take Christ with us into every spiritual fight. Many have died. Many have been wounded. They were Christians.

We fight for a different Cause. We fight with different methods. We are very different. But Marines and Christians share one thing in common–we are devoted to our Mission, and we will follow our Master anywhere, no matter the cost.

Being a true Christian is not easy, and it is not painless. Dying to self is never easy and never fun. Losing control of one’s life is a painful experience. Surrendering to the Master and following in His steps is tough. It will cost you your life every time. No one becomes a true Christian because it is easy.

We do it because we have been “bought with a price.” We have been redeemed. We have been forgiven much, so we love much.

We still stumble and fall, but we press on towards the mark of our high calling. No one said it would be easy. Our Mission is impossible. But our Master specializes in these kinds of missions. After all, he changed our lives–an equally impossible task.

Following Christ is not easy. It is not fun. It is rewarding and life-changing. It will make boys into men. It will make the sinner into a saint. It will make the spiritually dead into a new creation.

Will you join me in following Christ today? Christ is calling you.

“No one becomes a Christian because it’s easy.”

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