Set Free

By: An anonymous friend

Shackles of sin so encircled my frame,
Bolted me down in much darkness and shame.
Bruises within filled my heart with such pain,
Diseased me till sin o’re my body did reign.

Open your eyes oh sin-sick one!
Open your ears to hear.
I’m standing before you,
My presence is near.
Will you let me come in
To save from the disease of sin?

I saw a faint glow pierce through deepest night,
Give hope to my heart, shine forth in my sight.
The chill of shackles across my bare skin,
Grew as I saw my true self deep within.

The light in the distance grew till I saw,
The form of a Man with a mirror, the law
To show me my true condition in sin
To show me my need of the Physician.

Cringing at thought of the sight I would see,
I fell at His feet—to my trembling knees.
I dared not lift up my eyes, Him to see,
His face, gazing lovingly down on me

His hands were stretched forth holding the frame,
Downcast in heart I looked up with such shame.
My heart skipped a beat, the image I saw
Filled me with wonder, yes, filled me with awe.

Not my image in the mirror portrayed!
No! A Man on a cruel cross displayed
His back full of wounds—my wounds—I saw
Encircled His head, His limbs pierced and raw

Stretching out slowly my quivering hands
I felt not now the cold, cruel iron bands.
A warmth and a peace within me did grow,
Perceived His offer—freedom He showed.

With uplifted eyes I looked in His face
To see His eyes full of love and sweet grace
For oh, such a one as sin-sick as I
Sinless He took all my sins as He died.

How wondrous His love! How matchless His grace!
Oh why should He care for one so disgraced?
That He should take the place of my shame
So I His victory o’er sin might claim.

His freedom He gave that I may be free
He gave up such comfort, He died for me
For a sin-sick world He offered His life
That we might o’ercome in this world of strife

He set me free from my bondage in sin
He gave me life, changed my heart from within
A purpose He gave me for life that day
To hold up His light, show others the way

Will you answer His call, suffering one?
Will you learn from my fall? Answer The Son!
Give Him your burdens, give Him your all
He’s waiting to help you, answer His call!

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